Why is my chimney smoking?

It may seem like common sense but if the chimney is smoking, first check to make sure that the damper is open. It is easy to forget to open it up before starting a fire and this would, make it impossible for smoke to leave the chimney. In addition, soot or creosote build up on the damper may prevent the damper from fully opening, making it time to call us for a professional clean and inspection.

Can I use my chimney before a sweep?

Yes, the night before the sweep is perfectly fine. Please do not use the fireplace during the day of the sweep.

How long does a sweep take?

A typical sweep usually take 30 minutes. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the condition.

When is the best time to have a chimney sweep?

The best time is what works for you. While most our customers prefer to schedule their sweep during the warmer months we service Chimney during the colder months too. All we ask is that you don't use your chimney the day of the sweep.

Does anyone need to be at home during a sweep?

Not necessarily. But we ask that all pets are safely secured inside the house. We will arrange entry prior to our arrival.

Do you need access to the roof?

We sweep from the bottom up and our professional tools will remove any unnecessary access to the roof.

Do you install fireplaces or offer repairs?

We specialise in Chimney cleaning that allows us to focus our efforts on your health and safety. We can certainly advise you on where to obtain professional assistance for installations and repairs if the need arises.

Can I book my sweep annually?

Yes, our systems will remind you a month prior for your annual sweep. We will contact you. This excludes worry and gives you peace of mind.

How does the Facebook discount work?

We offer a special discount during the summer months by liking our Facebook page. If it's been observed that you have liked our page and successfully completed a sweep, we will give you a 10% discount on your first sweep.

Are you a clean and tidy sweeper?

We pride ourselves in our professionalism not only in our sweeping ability but in our cleanliness. We guarantee no mess.